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Veterinary Construction Services in Northern Indiana and South Chicago


Chester, Inc. Architectural & Construction has seen a surge in demand to design and build veterinarian offices and animal hospitals in Northern Indiana and South Chicago. Pet owners are increasingly prioritizing the health and well-being of their furry friends. This article will discuss Chester’s niche in veterinary architecture and animal hospital construction.

Our firm specializes in veterinary architecture, designing, planning, and constructing facilities for veterinarians, animal hospitals, and other medical construction. Chester’s architects, engineers, and construction professionals have the expertise to ensure that your designs meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the animals, owners, and workers.


Nine Key Features Chester’s Veterinary Design Build


1. Speed of Delivery: Chester, Inc. understands the importance of timely completion and works diligently to deliver projects within the stipulated timeframe. Our streamlined design and construction processes ensure that clients can begin operating in their new facility immediately.

2. Minimal Site Interruption: Our company’s design-build approach minimizes disruptions to the client’s daily operations during construction. Chester, Inc. works closely with clients to develop a construction plan that accommodates their needs while ensuring the project’s smooth execution.

3. Portability: Chester, Inc. designs veterinary facilities emphasizing flexibility, allowing clients to adapt their space as their practice grows or relocates. This approach ensures that the facility remains functional and efficient, regardless of changes in the practice’s needs or location.

4. ADA Accessibility: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, Chester, Inc. incorporates ADA-compliant features into its designs, ensuring that the facility caters to the needs of all clients and staff members.

5. Low Maintenance Floor and Wall Coverings: Our company uses materials that are easy to clean and maintain, promoting hygiene and reducing the time and resources required for facility upkeep.

6. Low Voltage Preparation: Chester, Inc. incorporates standard voltage systems into their designs, optimizing energy usage and minimizing utility expenses.

7. Soundproofing: Understanding the importance of a calm and quiet environment for animals, Chester prioritizes soundproofing measures in their designs, reducing noise levels and enhancing the overall patient experience.

8. Energy Efficiency: Chester, Inc. is committed to sustainability and incorporates energy-efficient solutions into its designs. These include using eco-friendly materials, LED lighting, and energy-efficient HVAC systems, minimizing the facility’s environmental footprint.

9. Healthy Environments: Chester, Inc. designs veterinary facilities with the well-being of animals, clients, and staff in mind. By focusing on elements such as air quality, natural light, and ergonomic design, we create spaces that promote health and wellness for all occupants.


The Role of Chester’s Veterinary Hospital Architects


An architect plays a pivotal role in designing and constructing veterinary facilities. With an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of veterinarians and their patients, our professionals are responsible for creating functional and attractive spaces prioritizing the well-being of animals and their human caretakers.


Key aspects that a veterinary hospital architect must consider during the design process include:


1. Workflow Efficiency: Designing spaces that promote the efficient movement of staff, animals, and equipment within the facility

2. Infection Control: Incorporating materials and design elements that reduce the risk of cross-contamination and promote easy cleaning and disinfection

3. Acoustics and lighting: creating a calming environment for animals by minimizing noise levels and ensuring ample natural light

4. Accessibility: ensuring that the facility is compliant with ADA regulations and accommodating the needs of clients and staff with disabilities

5. Sustainability: incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems to minimize the facility’s environmental impact


Veterinary Build: Design and Construction Services


Chester, Inc. Architectural & Construction oversees the construction process, from the initial design and construction to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. We work closely with veterinarians to understand and translate their unique requirements into a functional and visually appealing design. Our company then manages the construction phase, ensuring the project remains on schedule and within budget.


Chester’s veterinary design-build services include:


1. Site Selection and Evaluation: Assessing the suitability of potential locations for a veterinary practice, taking into consideration factors like accessibility, zoning restrictions, and environmental impact

2. Design Consultation: Collaborating with clients to develop a design concept that meets their specific needs and preferences

3. Construction Management: Overseeing the construction process, including hiring and managing subcontractors and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget

4. Equipment Planning and Procurement: Assisting in the selection, purchasing, and installation of veterinary-specific equipment and fixtures

5. Post-Construction Services: Providing support with any necessary adjustments or modifications to the facility after construction.


Chester, Inc. is a commercial design and building firm with a range of services tailored to the needs of veterinary practices. From initial consultations and site assessments to comprehensive design and construction management, our firm has established a solid reputation for delivering exceptional services for over 75 years. We have positioned ourselves as a go-to partner for veterinarians seeking to build or renovate their practices in Northern Indiana and South Chicago.  Give us a call to discuss your building dreams.