Preventive Maintenance for Productive Irrigation Equipment

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Preventive Maintenance for Productive Irrigation Equipment

Water irrigation leaks can overwater crops and even pools, leaving other areas dry. If these issues happen constantly, they can lead to excessive crop loss and damage. As a result, water inspections must occur periodically to ensure adequate water flow to all areas. Minor water system troubles can quickly become more significant and cause crop damage.

What Preventative Steps Can Farmers Use? Because owning an irrigation system is a significant investment, your motor and pump must be maintained.

Routine maintenance will raise your irrigation system’s efficiency and lifespan. The initial step is to check the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. The requirements concerning coolant, filters, oil, and spark plugs will all be in the manual.

The next step is to tighten all bolts, so your electric motor is secure. The centrifugal pumps must have free lubricated motion, and the gaskets should not leak. Chester recommends and services Valley for irrigation equipment.

What Should Growers Do at the End of the Season?

Equally, as the start of the season is necessary for keeping irrigation pivots running optimally, so is the end. Water lines should be flushed to guarantee they continue working ideally. To avoid ice damage, the pipes must be flushed and thoroughly drained during late fall.

Keeping your center pivot system, especially older ones, in prime working condition is essential.

Below are seven maintenance steps to complete by late fall.

1. Do Regular Visual Assessments
Though your water irrigates are way out in the fields, this is the most critical first step. Look for any water flow efficiency problems now so they don’t grow into larger issues,

2. Look for The Typical Troubles
During your regular visual evaluations, evidence of clogged nozzles, underinflated tires, busted mechanical parts, and rodent damage in the electric box. Make sure to also do a visual inspection after a storm or tornado.

Check for vandalization consisting of stripping copper components from your system, a common problem that numerous farmers deal with.

3. Make Sure There is Appropriate Grounding
That works. Look to see if the pump and motor are secure and properly functioning.

Purchase a couple of cost-effective grounding rods with the first location at the pivot control panel. The second rod connects to the electrical disconnect box for each system.

4. Keep Water Out
Center pivot systems tend to accumulate water in the transmissions and center drives. When you venture out for a regular site inspection, drain any gathered water from these areas and see if the oil level in the gearboxes suffices.

5. Track Usage to Arrange Upkeep
Utilize the control panel on your irrigation system to track hours of usage so you can have an estimated hourly window when inspection and services should take place.

Pre-planning your maintenance helps get it done at the correct times to minimize downtime.

6. Make Sure Your Gear is Well Oiled
Maintaining the many moving parts on your facility pivot irrigation system with well-lubricated and optimal running efficiency is essential. You should oil the entire system several times annually.

7. Do A Wintertime Tune-Up
Use the off-season to thoroughly assess and oil your whole facility pivot system, so it remains in great shape and ready to roll come springtime.

Inspect the condition and inflation of all tires, check grounding and electric functioning, oil all moving parts, purge the system out, and inspect the sprinklers. Review all other maintenance tasks suggested by the manufacturer and be proactive for all the repair work.

The more you take care of your irrigation equipment the more it will take care of you and your crops. Life outdoors in the elements can take its toll quickly. Use these recommendations by our professional irrigation systems services team to maintain your irrigation system.

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