As new trends develop in vibrant downtown areas like Valparaiso, Ind., developers and construction/architectural firms are challenged with creating mixed-use spaces that meet the unique needs of communities and their residents. Vale View in Valparaiso does that, thanks to Chester Inc., and Wayne Enterprises. They’ve brought the residential mixed-use project to life even through challenging times, proving that now is a phenomenal time to build.
For over 70 years, Chester Inc., has been a one-stop-shop for architectural design, construction, information technologies, and agricultural systems.
Despite the economic effects of COVID-19, the interest rates for loans to build or renovate are the lowest they’ve been since 1986.
“For me to convince you that now is a great time to build or renovate is difficult because of the pandemic,” said Tony Peuquet, Division Manager at Chester Inc., “But at the same time, I want individuals to understand that the interest rates right now are fantastic for an individual looking to build. Your money will never be put to better use than right now.”
Matt Welter, CEO of Wayne Enterprises and Owner of Vale View, said they wanted to create something that doesn’t exist in Valpo yet.
“Chester Inc. came through with contacts that knew how to make the building last and keep it low maintenance.”
Welter owns 11 commercial and residential properties, Vale View being one of the biggest. With the hope of extending the footprint of downtown and creating a place residents could truly call home, Chester Inc. came in and made the process smooth and efficient.
“A lot of these other buildings and projects I do give me a lot of sleepless nights,” Welter said. “Being able to have Chester Inc., in our corner made things a lot easier both mentally and emotionally which is a huge thing when you’re running your own business.”
In 1947, Chester Inc. started out with Orville Redenbacher and Chester Bowman, and as gurus of the popcorn industry, Redenbacher and Bowman made sure that their business model took care of the farmers like they were family. Growing into the commercial and industrial design/build contractor they are today, Chester Inc. provides the method of delivery that is most economical and stress-free for their clients.
“I just want the community to know that Matthew and I are still really good friends through this whole process,” Peuquet said. “That is something when you get into a three-year relationship in business and you can find a way to maintain a respectable friendship, and I’m very proud to say that.”
Vale View is home to state-of-the-art technology with free, solar-powered EV charging for each resident parking space, a built-in gas grill on each patio, private underground parking with car wash and vacuum, a washer and dryer in each unit, private elevators, a private fitness facility, and a dog-friendly play area.
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