Northern Indiana Construction Company


Chester Inc. is the only construction company in Northern Indiana that beautifully combines architectural, construction, and modern technology, saving you time and money. We design, construct, finance, and support all your building needs.

Designing and building your commercial or industrial facility with our unique design, finance, and build model makes your entire process run more smoothly. Our professional designs are conventional and economical, which stands the test of time.

Chester Inc. Architectural and Construction in Northern Indiana integrates an architectural and building process that includes your information technology (IT) infrastructure.  Chester incorporates this into all your current and future technology needs. We proudly offer an all-in-one solution for industrial and commercial construction projects while providing unparalleled expertise in information technology.

Our IT edge allows Chester to better interact with the construction processes from design to completion. Our unique IT services division reduces the need for multiple contact points for engineers, architects, vendors, and IT solutions providers. We lead the way as a one-stop architectural and construction company by offering finance and IT solutions.

The Construction Industry is Evolving, and so Is Chester Inc.

The advancement of information technology in the construction industry has dramatically increased productivity. A hefty $1.73 trillion in 2020 is concentrated in the US construction industry, including construction services in Northern Indiana. Today information technology has become a necessity to all types of businesses. Chester’s engineering and architecture department continue to evolve with our IT services. Each evolution of information technology has brought us many advantages, which dramatically increased our productivity while lowering costs.

Design Exchange and Improvement

Chester Inc. Architectural and Construction uses the latest autocade software to update drawings, designs and publish them using other project collaboration tools. All changes are easily accessible to all members of the building team. As a result, building times and paperwork have been significantly reduced. While paper can be lost or ruined, IT tools can help you save time and back up your work.

Computer-aided visualizations and simulations also help construction companies arrive at solutions and identify problems from the beginning of the blueprint and project management until completion. Clients will need more interaction with the construction project from the beginning to the end of the different phases.

Responding to Ever-Increasing Expectations

Modern construction projects evolve to meet changing attitudes about how buildings are currently being constructed. IT aided construction means costly modifications can be avoided. Our Northern Indiana construction services can provide better-looking and safer facilities to professionals and owners of commercial and industrial facilities.

Chester Inc. Financing

Our Financing teams’ goal is to save you time and money.  Chester Inc. gives you the edge you need to make sure funding is approved, budgeted, and well managed. We offer preliminary feasibility studies, bank reviews and approvals, and optional leasebacks.

Chester Inc.’s pre-feasibility study should come first. We analyze and select your best business scenario among the many different options. This study will lay out any environmental and technical challenges foreseeable before construction so they can be addressed or modified.


Let Chester Inc. assist in having your building dreams become a reality. Contact us today so we can better assist with all your architectural design and building needs.