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Energy Efficient Commercial Construction

Northern Indiana’s Chester, Inc. Architectural & Construction has built more green commercial buildings in 2022 and will continue to see the trend rise in 2023. Building an environmentally friendly business is great for environmental cost savings and your image.

Why is Green Building Commercial Construction
The most significant benefit of green construction is that it reduces pollution. Commercial buildings are responsible for a substantial portion of air pollution and going green can make a big difference.

  • Green buildings also tend to be more energy-efficient than traditional structures, using less electricity and generating fewer green building gases. It can have a significant impact on climate change.
  • In addition to helping the environment, green offices offer many benefits for the people occupying them. These spaces are more comfortable and healthier, with improved air quality and natural light. It helps save energy costs too.
  1. Energy-Efficient Windows  

Windows are one of the most significant sources of heat loss in a commercial building, so it is essential to choose windows that will help keep the heat inside. Different types of energy-efficient windows can fit your design and style.

  1. Green Roof   

Green roofs have become more popular because they help insulate a commercial building and reduce the heat lost through the roof. They also help reduce stormwater runoff and provide additional living space for plants and animals.

  1. Solar Power  

Roof Solar power is a renewable energy source that heats and cools commercial offices and provides electricity. Solar power is becoming increasingly affordable and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Water Conservation  

Several ways to help conserve water in your commercial building include installing reduced showerheads and toilets, collecting rainwater in barrels, and xeriscaping your landscaping. Water conservation is important because it helps reduce the amount of water in a commercial office, saving money on your water bill.

  1. Landscaping  

Landscaping can help reduce the amount of heat absorbed by a commercial building, and it can also allow the cooling of the air around a commercial office. Trees and shrubs can provide shade and windbreaks, and they can also help filter pollutants.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are contained in many building products, such as paint, drywall, furniture, and carpeting. These can become vapors or gases and harm our air quality. Short-term exposure to these airborne chemicals can cause headaches, dizziness, and eye and respiratory tract irritation. Long-term exposure can affect the function of organs and the central nervous system.

Passive solar building

Green building doesn’t necessarily have to have mean solar panels. There is also passive solar construction. A passive solar installation can include the size and type of windows on a building, the structure’s location, size, and even interior design elements such as shades and plants to maximize solar impact.

Green roofing

The ecological benefits of a green roof are vast, from providing a rainwater buffer and improved drainage to air purification and a reduction in the ambient temperature in a building. If you haven’t seen a green roof in action, you’re bound to — these rooftops are often seen in urbanized areas and can also provide economic benefits.

Recycled insulation and materials

No, we’re not talking about the soft pink material you might be familiar with. Recycled insulation material has recently entered the market, with many options available, all focused on reducing environmental impact and utilizing recycled materials to prevent waste. There’s even insulation created from denim material, plants, and more.

But recycled materials go beyond just insulation. Things like bamboo, recycled plastic, and wood (think Mass Timber) are all usable and sustainable alternative building materials taking the construction industry by storm.

Green retrofit

Green building doesn’t necessarily have to mean “new commercial construction.” Green retrofit is another trending construction concept, where commercial property owners invest in eco-friendly initiatives to bring older properties into the 21st century. Retrofitting can consist of making updates like adding solar panels, updating windows, HVAC and plumbing systems, and more to become a more energy-efficient building.

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