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Building Dilemma: Expand or Build New

Building a business has always been complex, exciting, and nerve-wracking. However, when sales are strong, and your business is making it rain, we believe business owners are faced with two essential options: building new or expanding. Either way, Chester Inc’s flexible offerings in areas such as industrial construction provide options for businesses that need a reliable and modern industrial construction company serving Northern Indiana and South Chicago.

Businesses will naturally feel that to increase production and efficiency, they need more space to operate. Growing needs equates to the need for a larger facility or perhaps a new one. Companies are left with little choice when the need for larger office buildings, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities emerges.

Do You Expand?

Is it time to work with business construction again? We think that remodeling and expansion work hand in hand. An expert business expansion company like Chester Inc. can help ensure that the extension will flow and function with the pre-existing structure. We believe that expansion is an excellent choice for many businesses, mainly if the company already owns the surrounding property of the pre-existing facility.

Constructing a new facility from the ground up demands more financial resources than upgrading an old one.

When constructing a new building, you could start from scratch and create a structure that will serve the firm for many years. Business owners become responsible for design-build, utility installation, site work, etc. Building a new facility is more complicated than remodeling or renovating. Building a new facility requires more materials and time to complete everything.

On the upside, business expansion construction also offers the facility the lowest level of process disruption. We can do this because the existing work areas will not be significantly affected by any ongoing construction, as we will be developing a different area for the expansion.

Work continues as usual, and the construction will have minimal impact. The business will be able to provide workers with better facilities and more space without having to relocate everyone. Working with an experienced industrial business construction company is a top advantage.

Expansion is realistic, but it necessitates extensive coordination, too.

The development period can also be substantial. When an existing business site is exceptionally essential to its staff and customers, expanding is likely the best option, assuming there is sufficient space for the expansion process.

A typical component of an on-site extension is remodeling the existing space. For example, we can work with owners to reconfigure the existing space’s arrangement to accommodate more staff. This development allows the business to continue working while avoiding disruptions and boosting production.

Chester Inc. has helped bring many business dreams to life in our 75 years of operation. We at Chester Inc. Architectural & Construction Services have what it takes to expand your facility and make your dreams of scaling or expansion a reality. We are the only architectural, construction, and IT company in Northern Indiana that can design, finance, and build your facility while simultaneously integrating your IT needs into the equation. Check out our commercial construction portfolio and industries.

We at Chester Inc. also believe that our natural inclination to detail and empathy toward our clients are essential for attaining construction goals. We like bringing the human side to the design/build process, especially our passion for architecture and business expansion.

Do You Build a New Facility?

Building a new facility is ideal for growing businesses. We have helped many industrial companies scale by helping design and build a new facility in another location. However, the cost factor is often the most significant factor to consider.

We at Chester Inc. can work with your business to attain better results with your budget. But before you give up the dream just because of the extra costs, let us remind you that building a new facility by partnering with an industrial construction company has many benefits.

The first advantage is that a business will completely control the new facility’s design and outcome. By constructing a new facility, the entire layout of the soon-to-be-built facility will follow your exact vision. It will correspond to the precise needs of your workers/employees.

We at Chester Inc. will also take a closer look at the data and collaborate with you to manage the pinch points you’re encountering in the older facility. Only through the intelligent creation of a master plan for the new facility can we genuinely address the fluctuations and pinch points of the previous facility.

The process of building fresh is often exciting for business owners. As we’ve mentioned before, you will have the freedom to design what you want. It’s all about having a blank canvas. But unfortunately, the same blank canvas that business owners love is also the most challenging aspect of constructing a new building.

Chester Inc. remains committed to a budget, time, and complete client satisfaction as that is our formula for success.

New construction is an excellent option for businesses with unique needs and wishes to prepare for future expansion. Construction of new facilities is also less likely to be regulated than renovations and expansions. However, new construction might be lengthier considering everything a business owner needs to accomplish, from land acquisition to planning creation and, finally, the ground-up construction.

Depending on the level of building complexity, the procurement, design, and approval processes for new construction might consume as much time as the construction process itself.

Whether expanding existing space, renovating an off-site facility, or constructing a new structure, we believe that owners should take the time to examine what matters the most.

Business owners must evaluate money, location, timing, and other factors to identify the most effective manner of scaling and developing their businesses. Involving an effective industrial business construction company like Chester Inc. early in the process can help owners choose the most sensible approach. As an owner, you must maintain the pace of your expanding business while making the right option for your future.

Contact us today and let your dreams of building become reality.